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Tire Repair Kit in Sioux City, IA

What is a “Black Jack” box? A Black Jack box has everything in it to repair a leak in your tire. Everyone Needs A Tire Repair Kit.

What is in the Black Jack Box?

  • An industrial strength latch to keep everything all together.
  • Instructions on how to and what to use to repair the leak.
  • Professionally engineered heavy duty high impact molded case.
  • Heavy duty 12oz chrome T-handle with replaceable needle.
  • 40 permanent repairs, 4" long with carbon black added to strengthen repairs and match the color of the tire.
  • Spiral designed probe cleans injury without causing additional stress on the tire.
  • Chrome plated open-eyed insertion needle.
  • Hardened steel set screw holds needle or probe on place without stripping.
  • Large jar of insertion lube, makes inserting probe and repair easy.
  • Razor blade included to cut off excess repair.
  • Hardened steel Allen wrench is included. This is for easily replacing probe needle on open-eye needle.
  • It even matches the color of the tire.

How to fix a tire:

  • Remove foreign object from the tire.
  • Lube the tip of the probe to follow direction of injury.
  • Insert the probe at the angle of the injury. The auguring action of the spiral probe will clean the injury.
  • Use probe to spread cords to make inserting the repair easy.
  • Remove the repair from the paper.
  • Center the repair in the needle. DO NOT USE GLUE.
  • Insert the repair with a steady, even push at the angle of the injury.
  • Pull needle straight out. DO NOT TWIST.
  • Cut off excess.